Backup and Disaster Recovery

An easy-to-use disaster recovery solution with orchestration, automation and verifiable recoverability for data availability across on-prem and cloud environments.

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Protect your business from unexpected disasters

REAL TECH provides a reliable, comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solution with our plan. We can back up your data to physical drives and off-site, geo-redundant servers. REAL TECH ensures your critical data is ready at a moment’s notice and you are able to get back to business in minutes, not days.

What’s included in our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our services allow you to rest easy knowing your company’s most valuable resources are protected.


Secure Storage

Your data will be stored in our secure, state-of-the-art cloud data centers.

Extensive Reports

See what’s being backed up and when with our detailed reports.

Instant Troubleshooting

Problems with your backups are addressed and resolved immediately.

Advantages of our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Fast Data Recovery

All your critical business files are backed up in a remote data center and can be restored within hours, not days

Comprehensive Testing

We test your backups on a regular basis to ensure they’re alway recoverable in the event of a disaster

Advanced Security

We use robust data encryption tools to prevent theft or unauthorized access while giving you peace of mind

Regular backup and disaster recovery simulations

REAL TECH takes no chances when it comes to your critical business data. We regularly perform proactive data backup and disaster recovery simulations to provide our clients the reassurance of knowing their data is always secure and retrievable within a moment’s notice.


Efficient backup and recovery for your business

REAL TECH provides comprehensive data protection for your business files. We partner with some of the best vendors in the industry to deliver quick, cost-effective, and reliable backup solutions for your company.

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