REAL TECH Reseller

Do you want to become a REAL TECH Reseller?  Now, it's easier than ever! In recent years, we have worked hard to provide many different opportunities for anyone who wants to become a REAL TECH Reseller!

Whether you own a small business or a large web hosting company, we give you a great chance to resell REAL TECH services.  Now comes the best - you can brand all these services! Great, isn't it? Are you ready to start? There are several different ways you can become REAL TECH Reseller

Reseller’s Panel

Reseller’s Panel is probably the most popular way to resell our services.  It is a powerful Management tool, which has a clean design and also can be customized.  Additionally, you can place a logo of your company in the header section.  It’s an excellent opportunity for businesses that want to be more recognizable and distinguished.  The panel can be reached on URL:

Secondary DNS

If you are in the Hosting business, Secondary DNS can be a great option for you. It provides a way to distribute the DNS traffic for a domain name for the best possible uptime and redundancy in an easy and friendly way. Using Secondary DNS by REAL TECH provides many benefits like 100% Uptime, Provider independency, Additional security, and many more!

Custom integration

If you don't like the listed options enough, no problem. We provide the ability for fully custom integration, using REAL TECH HTTP API.  So, as you see, everything is possible!  There are no limitations! You can resell all our services!

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