Service Level Agreement

  • Following its corporate ethics and professional philosophy and in compliance with its own responsible choice to implement diligent behavior and maximum operational transparency in the provision of its service, to protect the Customer, REAL TECH undertakes to maintain a constant level of quality for the entire duration of the contract and until the set deadline, under the characteristics of the service declared and published on its website with the exception, when necessary or due to contingent circumstances, of making hardware and software updates without notice.

  • Concerning the Customer or third parties, due to the intrinsic nature of the internet, which is ill-fitted to guaranteeing the absolute reachability of a site or the delivery of an email within certain times, REAL TECH declines any responsibility for delays and/or service interruptions, not attributable to itself.

  • In case of certified and/or declared admission of responsibility by REAL TECH regarding the interruption of the service, once the actual technical downtime has been quantified, by way of all-inclusive compensation, the Customer will be granted a credit equal to 24 times the operating block time immediately.

  • Requests must reach REAL TECH no later than 5 days after the outage. Following this deadline, requests will automatically lapse. In any case, the total value of the reimbursement cannot exceed the total cost of the services incurred in the current year.

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